Intro (duction): Our exper(ience) with My Patriot Supply was truly negative! We had high hopes for this company, however, the results were disappointingly poor. It all started when we ordered some canned food items from them and waited for more than a week for it to arrive – yet nothing showed up! Consequently, our enthusiasm quickly faded away. Surprisingly though, their customer service was quite good in responding to our inquiries; however, they couldn't solve the issue either. To add insult to injury, the few items that did arrive were not as advertised on their website! Yet again, we contacted them but there wasn't really anything they could do about it. All in all, our experience with My Patriot Supply was rather disappointing and we would not recommend it to anyone. On top of that, it has left us feeling quite frustrated and unsatisfied. Nevertheless, thankfully everything worked out in the end despite the hiccups along the way!

Overview of My Patriot Supply

My Patriot Supply (MPS) is a fairly new entrant in the survival food industry. We recently had the opportunity to try out their products and were pleasantly surprised by the results! From generous portions to surprisingly tasty flavors, MPS has managed to exceed our expectations.

First off, we got a good look at their selection of freeze-dried and dehydrated meals. There were lots of choices, from hearty entrées like broccoli cheddar soup to sweet treats like apple cinnamon cereal. All meals came in easily identifiable pouches that looked appealing and contained generous portions. The taste was also impressive; each meal left us satisfied and wanting more!

Next up was their emergency supplies section. We were impressed with the amount of items they offer, ranging from first aid kits to bug-out bags. Even better, all products are designed with quality and practicality in mind - perfect for any emergency situation! Plus they have great prices so you won't break the bank stocking up on necessities.

Overall, we're very pleased with My Patriot Supply's offerings and would highly recommend them as a reliable source for survival food and supplies! They've earned our trust through excellent customer service, high-quality products, and competitive pricing - what more could you ask for? Transitioning into this next paragraph: Another noteworthy feature of MPS is their delivery options. Not only do they ship both domestically & internationally but they also offer free shipping on orders over $50 within the U.S., making it even easier to stock up on your favorite items!

In conclusion, My Patriot Supply is an outstanding choice for anyone looking for top-notch survival gear or delicious freeze-dried meals. Their selection is diverse yet affordable while still providing superior quality - definitely worth giving them a try! And don't forget about their free shipping option if you plan on ordering frequently!

Our Experience with My Patriot Supply

My Patriot Supply has been a great experience for us! We love the wide selection of products they offer, and the quality of their goods is top-notch. Their customer service is second to none - they quickly answer any questions we have, and go out of their way to make sure we're satisfied. We've also noticed that when ordering from them, our shipments arrive quicker than expected! (Which is always a plus!)

One thing we particularly appreciate about My Patriot Supply is their commitment to sustainability. All their items are made with eco-friendly materials and processes that protect the environment while still providing us with quality goods. This is something we truly admire about them!

Moreover, My Patriot Supply's customer loyalty program has allowed us to save on future orders. Every purchase earns you points which can be redeemed for discounts or free shipping - it's an awesome bonus! Plus, if there are ever any problems with your order, they're always willing to help rectify it in no time at all.

Overall, working with My Patriot Supply has been a terrific experience for us! They provide amazing products at competitive prices, while also offering great deals and excellent customer service. If you're looking for reliable suppliers who understand your needs without exception - this company should definitely be on your list!

Product Quality

Product quality is a key factor when considering My Patriot Supply. Our experience with it has been (generally) positive! We've not had to worry about the standard of their products, as they are quite reliable and robust. The materials used in each item are top-notch and of good value, ensuring that customers can rely on them for a long time. Moreover, many of the items have unique features that make them stand out from other products in the market - this includes things like airtight containers with special lids that guarantee freshness. On top of all this, there's also a great selection of products available at very reasonable prices - so you can get what you need without spending too much!

However, there have been some instances where we were slightly disappointed by the product quality. This happened mostly due to delays in delivery or packaging issues which caused damage to the product during transit. Nonetheless, these cases were rare and overall our experience with My Patriot Supply was satisfactory. Plus, their customer service team is always ready to help should any issues arise - although we haven't had to use it yet! All in all (for us), shopping with My Patriot Supply has been an enjoyable one!

On reflection, we'd highly recommend My Patriot Supply based on our experience with them so far; their product quality is high and their prices are competitive. Furthermore, they provide great customer service which gives shoppers peace-of-mind when buying from them - something that's invaluable nowadays! So if you're looking for reliable home essentials then give My Patriot Supply a try; you won't be dissapointed!

Pricing and Shipping

My Patriot Supply is a company that offers emergency preparedness supplies and products. After experiencing their service first-hand, I can definitely say it’s worth the money! (The) Pricing and Shipping was excellent; no matter where you live, they have options for you! The cost of shipping wasn’t outrageous either - I received my package in three days with free delivery!

I'm highly impressed with their customer service too; they responded to all my inquiries in a timely fashion and answered all my questions. They also had great follow-up, making sure I was satisfied with what I ordered. (Plus), they threw in some extra goodies which blew me away!

On top of that, My Patriot Supply stands out due to its quality products – everything came exactly as advertised. The materials were sturdy and durable; nothing felt cheap or breakable. And trust me, when it comes to emergency preparedness supplies durability is key!

In conclusion, when it comes to pricing and shipping My Patriot Supply really knows what they're doing - could not be more pleased with their service!!

Customer Service

Our experience with My Patriot Supply was great! We had no issues in terms of customer service. They were helpful and friendly when we called, (even though it took longer than expected). They answered all our questions thoroughly and even gave us a few tips on how to make the most out of our order! There was no need for any complaints or requests for help – they did an amazing job!

Plus, their delivery process is fast and efficient. It arrived within the specified time frame, and everything was packaged securely. We had no problem setting up our order either. All in all, we were pleased with their service!

However, what really made us happy was how accommodating they were. We asked for a few alterations to some items in our order, and they did not hesitate to comply with our wishes. Moreover, they even told us that if there were any further problems during the shipping process, we could always call them again and get help right away - which is great!

Overall, we couldn't be more satisfied with My Patriot Supply's customer service; it was second-to-none (and that's saying something!). Their prompt response times and willingness to go above and beyond expectations certainly impressed us. Highly recommend them if you're looking for quality products at reasonable prices with excellent customer service!

Pros & Cons of My Patriot Supply

My Patriot Supply Review: Our Experience (Pros & Cons)

We recently tried out My Patriot Supply and wanted to share our experience! After doing a bit of research, we decided to give it a go. We were pleasantly surprised with the overall results! One of the main advantages we noticed was their affordable prices. They provide an excellent value for quality products, which was great! Another plus was the convenience; ordering and delivery were both quick and easy.

However, there were some drawbacks too. For instance, customer service wasn't exactly stellar - we experienced some delays in responses - but thankfully nothing major. Additionally, they don't offer any loyalty rewards or incentives which would have been nice.
Nonetheless, these cons didn't outweigh the positives from our perspective! All in all, we'd certainly recommend giving My Patriot Supply a try!


My Patriot Supply Review: Our Experience
Overall, we had a great experience with My Patriot Supply! From the fast shipping to the quality of their products, they surpassed our expectations (in a big way). The customer service was top-notch and their prices were competitive. We found that the food selection was abudant and the taste was surprisingly delish! On top of that, everything arrived on time and in perfect condition.

However, there were some minor drawbacks. For instance, some of their instructions weren't as straightforward as we'd hoped for, which made it difficult to follow at times. Nevertheless, this didn't dampen our enthusiasm for this company. Plus, once you get used to their system it's relatively easy to use.

In conclusion, (after all is said and done) we would highly recommend My Patriot Supply to anyone looking for an emergency supply store. They have everything you could need and more - plus it tastes good too! With no major issues experienced during our purchase or delivery process we couldn't be happier with the outcome!